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ICMSN 2019 gives a terrific opportunity to fulfill and make new communication inside the area of  Materials Science and Nanotechnology and Engineering, by way of presenting affiliation spaces. It permits delegates to have troubles addressed on Material Science and Nanotechnology through identified international experts who’re updated with the modern traits within the Material Science and Nanotechnology area and provide records on new techniques and automations. This ICMSN 2019 is planning for an invigorating and educational gathering program including plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations and various programs for paticipants from all over the world. We invite you to join us at the ICMSN 2019, where you will make sure to have a significant involvement with researchers from all around the World. All members of the ICMSN 2019 organizing committee look forward to meeting you in Paris, France.

Materials Science and Nanotechnology is an acclaimed medical subject, increasing in latest a long time to surround polymers, ceramics, glass, composite materials and Biomaterials. Materials and Nano technologies know-how and engineering, involves the discovery and design of new substances.  Many of the most urgent clinical troubles people presently face are due to the limitations of the substances, major possibilities to have an consequence on the future of technology substantially. Materials and Nanotechnology scientists lay strain on knowledge how the history of a material and Nano particles affects its shape, and for that reason its properties and overall performance. All engineered merchandise from airplanes to musical gadgets, alternative electricity sources associated with ecologically-friendly production tactics, medical gadgets to artificial tissues, computer chips to information storage devices and many greater are crafted from materials.

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Presenting a paper

Presenting a paper is one of the main objectives of an academic conference participant. The presenter will have the chance to present a paper in front of colleagues of the similar fields and will be able to receive positive feedback and constructive criticism about their research.

Added Research Value

For students and researchers, academic conferences help to make research on a particular subject easier. They provide access to various research activities related to a particular subject with current findings and developments anticipated from them.


An academic conference is a great way to have a “break” from your academic responsibilities at the university and discover different cities of the world. Be assured that you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed when you return to your institution after the conference

Networking for Future Collaborations

Attending an academic conference is an opportunity to build networks with other academics and experts in the similar field from around the world to share thoughts on recent advances and technological breakthroughs.


Meeting new people with different cultures and dispositions enlightens your way of thinking in your field of study. You will witness some of the many different aspects and solutions which exist on the same issues.

Find out what's New

It is vital to find out what’s new in your field of study to survive in an academic discipline. Academic conferences will keep you updated on new findings that have taken place.


Another common reason for attending a conference is no doubt publication. Conference proceedings are always a good way to have your research published and indexed. Please note that only selected papers are published in Jacob journals for free of charge.

Focus and Energy of Liked Minded Individuals

When one attends an academic conference he or she is sure to meet people of his or her same mindset and goals. This is a motivational factor as one aspires to overcome fears and achieve one’s dreams.